Veterinary Neurology of the Chesapeake | Jay McDonnell, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM | Annapolis & Towson, MD

Veterinary neurology is the branch of medicine that treats diseases of the nervous system; the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. This includes such common problems as epilepsy, slipped disks, spinal and head injuries, meningitis, and cancer of the nervous system. As in human medicine, veterinarians are increasingly specializing to provide the best care for your companion.


Veterinary Neurology of the Chesapeake

Veterinary Neurology of the Chesapeake was founded by Dr. Jay McDonnell, a board-certified veterinary neurologist with more than 15 years of clinical experience, who has been practicing in Maryland since 2004.


Formerly the chief of Neurology-Neurosurgery at Tufts University, Dr. McDonnell helped established the in-house magnetic resonance imaging suite, a brain surgery unit and minimally invasive CT-guided biopsy program at the university. Since moving to Maryland in 2004, Dr. McDonnell has continued his work in the definitive treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors, Central Nervous System (CNS) imaging, Chiari malformation (structural defects in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance) and Wobbler’s disease (a condition of the cervical vertebrae that causes an unsteady (wobbly) gait and weakness).


Dr. McDonnell provides a variety of services including:

  • Neurological evaluation and recommendations.
  • Advanced imaging—MRI and CT performance and interpretation.
  • Neurology – back, neck and brain surgery.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid collection and analysis.
  • Electrodiagnostics exams, BAER testing and neuromuscular disease work-up.
  • Seizure disorder work-up and consultations.
  • Post-operative care, pain management and rehabilitation.


Dr. McDonnell is available for consultation at our offices at 1209 Cromwell Bridge Road in Towson and at 808 Bestgate Road in Annapolis, Maryland. Call our appointment line at 410-224-0121 to schedule your appointment.  You can also submit your information via our online form or by faxing the form located in the Patient and Veterinarian sections of our website.


Two highly skilled veterinary neurologist neurosurgeons provide coverage several days a month: Dr. Allison Haley DVM, MRCVS, DACVIM (Neurology), Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Georgia, and Peter J. Early, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology), Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology, at North Carolina State University Veterinary Health Complex.


Our associate veterinarian, Emily Kennedy, DVM, assists Dr. McDonnell in Annapolis by providing in-hospital care to hospitalized patients. She does not see patients for any appointments; and all patients cared for by VNoC are evaluated by Dr. McDonnell or another board certified neurologist.

Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Jay McDonnell | Annapolis & Towson, MD