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Jersey: A Happy Tail

People in Bethany Beach, Delaware, often know Cynthia and Michael's 11-year-old Standard Schnauzer, even if they don't know the couple. "You're Jersey's owners!" is a common greeting.


In early 2014, just as Cynthia and Michael were getting ready for an 18-day trip to Italy, they noticed that Jersey was having difficulty standing and walking. They rushed Jersey to their veterinarian, who spotted something on the x-ray that made her suspect the problem was neurological. He referred them to Dr. McDonnell.


Dr. McDonnell recommended an MRI and spinal tap. "Afterwards, we met with Dr. McDonnell who told us that four vertebra needed to be fixed, and that he'd like to do the surgery that afternoon. We agreed, and cancelled our trip to Italy so we could take care of Jersey when she came home," explains Cynthia."We were so worried, but Dr. McDonnell assured us that everything would be OK."


The couple turned their sunroom into a kennel where Jersey could recuperate. Cynthia continues, "We took Jersey back for a check-up a week later, and Dr. McDonnell said, 'Wow!' Jersey had improved so much! Initially we were walking her 5 minutes a day, and she was quite comfortable and perky, though her gait was not 100% right. Dr. McDonnell said to monitor her for three weeks; if the left leg didn't come back, we could return for physical therapy.


"Jersey is running in her yard, eating normally, and as playful and fun as always.  We love her and cannot thank Dr. McDonnell and his staff enough. He is truly a 'miracle worker' in our eyes. We got our girl back!"

Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Jay McDonnell | Annapolis & Towson, MD