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Rudy: A Happy Crooked Tail

It all started with a crooked tail.


"Rudy was born 10 years ago last December, the month that I retired," says Kathy Corry. "My sister was the breeder, and because he was born with a crooked tail, she gave him to me. One of 12 puppies in the litter, he was named after one of Santa's reindeer: Rudolph, because he was the different one!"

When Rudy was four years old, he started having physical problems. "At first, they thought it was Lyme Disease, but when I took him to Virginia to a veterinary neurologist who had been a student of Dr. McDonnell's, we found he needed spinal surgery."


Two years later, it was clear something was wrong again. "His head was down, and he was rigid and whimpering," says Kathy. "I'd heard about Dr. McDonnell. As frightening as it was to have to have Rudy undergo another spinal surgery, I knew that he was in good hands." Rudy came through the surgery well, and after recuperating, was back at home, swimming in their pool.


That wasn't to be Rudy's final spinal surgery. "The next time, I recognized the signs and got him right back to Dr. McDonnell who replaced two herniated discs in his back with titanium discs. He did a follow-up MRI in December, and was pleased to find that Rudy's doing really well."


"Dr. McDonnell is wonderful—he gets down and talks "dog" to Rudy—and the staff is the best."


When asked if there's any advice she'd give to other pet owners. "Buy pet insurance when your dog is young. It's a huge help at a very stressful time."

Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Jay McDonnell | Annapolis & Towson, MD