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Happy Buddha J.

In April 2011, Buddha had a seizure at my home and we rushed him to Falls Road Animal Hospital in Baltimore.  We were referred to Veterinary Neurology of the Chesapeake and upon consulting with Dr. McDonnell, who performed an MRI, it was determined that Buddha had an inoperable brain tumor.


At that time, the prognosis appeared fairly bleak so we decided to move forward with chemotherapy in an effort to, hopefully, extend his life and minimize any discomfort. The first few months of chemotherapy went satisfactorily, but his tolerance for the chemotherapy had decreased, and we decided to discontinue it after 5 months.


At this juncture, we were prepared for his health to decline and suspected that we would soon be forced to euthanize him. However, in contrast, Buddha pulled through. It’s been eight months since Buddha’s seizure in April and nearly 3 months since we discontinued chemotherapy. While he remains on a low dose of prednisone, his coordination and abilities are such that he still enjoys walks, eats like horse, runs in and out of the doggie door, and occasionally manages to catch a mouse or bird in our yard.


I consider every day with Buddha a gift and am so very grateful for the knowledge, support and guidance that Dr. McDonnell and his staff has provided.  Without their support, I am certain that I would not have had this extra time with Buddha.


Buddha provided me with his Christmas list this year, so it appears that he is planning on being with us for the holiday season. He’s “beating the odds” right now, so we may even plan a trip to Atlantic City to try his luck on the “craps” table or slots. We’ve also shelved his “bucket list” for now.


Instead, we live “one day at a time,” and live each of those days to their fullest. The value of this extra time we’ve been given with Buddha can’t be measured. I hope everyone at your office has a wonderful and happy holiday season and new year.  Thank you again for everything that you have done for my family and Buddha.


Best Always,
Sheila J, Baltimore, MD


Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Jay McDonnell | Annapolis & Towson, MD