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Cody, "The Code Man"



I am Cody Kipper Cannon. Nearly everyone calls me Cody. Some people call me such endearing names as “The Code Man” and “Fluffball.” I am a four- year old Bi-Black Sheltie. I am a happy boy and a very good boy.


A few months ago, I began to have seizure-like symptoms, periodically. During these episodes, I became disoriented and trotted around the house or yard aimlessly. I would do this for 10 minutes or so before I stopped the behavior.  As soon as the episode was over, I was fine again. I would play ball, which is my favorite thing to do all the time (other than eating an oven-baked chicken breast that my doggie mom prepares for me each day).


Dr. Culver, my local veterinarian, referred us (my doggie mom and me) to Veterinary Neurology of the Chesapeake. There, we met Dr. McDonnell and his terrific staff. They are a fantastic group of professionals. They are patient, kind, and thorough. They even pet me, fluff my coat, and tell me that I am handsome. Dr. McDonnell did an MRI and a Cerebrospinal fluid analysis. The MRI did not show any abnormalities, but the Cerebrospinal fluid analysis showed evidence of very mild neutrophilic pleocytosis. Dr. McDonnell recommended further infectious disease work up and further work up for hypercholesterolemia, hyper triglceridemia and elevated Alk Phos. He referred us to Dr. Klaser, in Internal Medicine, for the latter tests. She is a super Doc, too.


At this point in my treatment, Dr. McDonnell has asked my doggie mom to monitor me closely and to contact him immediately if I have more seizure-like symptoms. So far, I have been “symptom-free.” After a series of tests, Dr. Klaser has put me on medication for my high cholesterol and medication for my elevated ALP. I am also on a more restricted diet – which includes less chicken breast each day.


Thank you, Dr. McDonnell. You will always be my specialist.  Thank you, Dr. McDonnell’s staff. You are “sooooooo special,” too. FOUR-PAWS UP TO YOU ALL AND A “HAPPY TAIL” WAGGING AT YOU.


--Cody and Geneva Cannon, my doggie mom


Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Jay McDonnell | Annapolis & Towson, MD