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Amy, A Happy Tail

The photo of Amy shown at left is a bit unusual because you rarely see Amy without her brother and littermate, Alex.


"We got them from a vet when they were not yet a year old," explains Bill, who owns the duo with his best friend, Dehart. "We could have taken just one, but they'd been together their whole lives, and we didn't want to separate them. They're typical boxers, full of energy. Then about a year and a half ago Amy started having seizures. Even with medication, the seizures kept getting closer together, so our vet recommended we see Dr. McDonnell."

An MRI at Veterinary Imaging of the Chesapeake revealed Amy had a brain tumor. "I asked Dr. McDonnell if she were his dog, would he operate on her, and he said 'Absolutely,' Bill continues. "He was right: Ever since her surgery, she's continued to get better each day—above and beyond what we expected. At first she couldn't go up the steps, so we slept on the floor with her. Her left side is weaker than her right, because the surgery was was on the right side of her brain, but she's a tough girl. She still bounces off the floor when it's time for breakfast and dinner! Alex is so glad to have her back at home—and so are we."
Amy's treatment has included six treatments with a tumor vaccine, with the last scheduled for July. "This is a first for us—and I think for some of Dr. McDonnell's staff. They've never had a girl who's recovered like Amy has. They told us when she's been at his office, 'We don't walk Amy—Dr. McDonnell does!'"
Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Jay McDonnell | Annapolis & Towson, MD